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​Massage Japonais

Body Therapy

Japanese Massage

The Purify Massage (body)

This massage encourages body relaxation through the healing power of touch.

Gentle pressure and long,smooth strokes result in relaxation,improved circulation and a welcome state of serenity. 

​The Revitalize Massage (body)

Restore deep layers of muscle tissue strained from everyday stress,chronic patterns of tension,

and lactic acid buildup. Concerntrated strokes,finger pressure and joint mobility techniques separate

and realign these connective tissues.

​The Heal Massage(hands or foot or head)

This ancient art utilizes strategic pressure points located on the hands or foot or head that correspond 

to organs and systems of the body via the nervous system.


<Dry Massage>
40 minutes ・・・5,400yen

60 minutes ・・・6,900yen
90 minutes ・・・9,900yen
120minutes ・・・12,600yen

150minutes ・・・15,600yen
180minutes ・・・18,500yen



(included Tax)

<Oil or Lotion or Powder Massage>
30 minutes ・・・5,100yen
60 minutes ・・・9,500yen
90 minutes ・・・13,500yen
120minutes ・・・17,700yen


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